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About us

We are two enthusiastic and sporty men with a passion for outdoor activities and entrepreneurship. We both live in Overloon and love our village.

Outdoor Overloon wants to radiate quality and has therefore bought all her equipment new in 2015 own all equipment theirselves. It was an intense job but given the large number of bookings we have received it seems a good investment. We would also like to thank everyone for their nice and enthusiastic feedback.

At Outdoor Overloon you can rent various things, from scooters to a bicycle train, archery, expedition Robinson or bubble football for example. Bubble Football is relatively new: it is football as we know it, but now the players have a large inflated ball around their head and waist. This allows you to push each other over without risking your own, or someone else's, life. Wonderful to play and hilarious to watch. Expedition Robinson is also a new activity which we can offer you

You can also choose an arrangement. For example, coffee and cake before the start of an activity, or a lunch or barbecue to finish. See also the arrangements

Finally, our mission: to become the outdoor centre of Overloon, fully integrated with local partners. Central to this is offering an adventurous experience by following the latest outdoor trends.


Founders Paul (front scooter) and Hans 

outdoor overloon team


Arrangements are also possible. Combine your activity with one of the options below for a fully catered (mid)day!

These are promotional prices which are only available through Outdoor Overloon.