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Bubble Football

The new way of playing football: "Bubble football".

The latest craze in the Netherlands. Bubble football is the same as football as we all know, but now every player has a big 'bubble' around his head and upper body. This creates funny and hilarious scenes when you are being runned over by your opponent (or fellow player). Bubble football can be played on grass or in a sports hall.

At Outdoor Overloon you can rent bubble football for games of 3 against 3, 4 against 4 or 5 against 5. Fun when you want to arrange a sporty day out for your sports team, friends or colleagues in the area of Overloon, Venray, Boxmeer. In consultation, playing on your location is possible. You can also combine your day out with one of our arrangementsfor a complete day out.

Prices Bubble Football

The price for bubble football per half day for 3 against 3 amounts to € 180,-. This consists of:

- 6 bubble balls;
- air pump;
- 1 football.

The price per half day for 4 against 4 is € 240,-. This consists of:

- 8 bubble balls;
- air pump;
- 1 football.


- delivery of the bubbleball package: travel costs € 0.45 per km driven. Maximum delivery distance is within a radius of 20 km from Overloon;
- with the delivery the building up and tearing down of the bubble football is included within the price;
- Usually bubble football can be played without supervision, if supervision is still needed then the costs are € 150,- per half day;
- Extra charge for a whole day in consultation. 

All prices are inclusive of 9% VAT. It is not possible to collect the bubbleball package yourself.

Check here the general conditions bubblefootball.


Outdoor Overloon rents out Bubble Football in Overloon, Boxmeer, Vierlingsbeek, Venray and St. Anthonis. Please contact us if you want to play Bubble Football on another location.


Arrangements are also possible. Combine your activity with one of the options below for a fully catered (mid)day!

These are promotional prices which are only available through Outdoor Overloon.