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A village on the border of Brabant and Limburg, located in a beautiful wooded area. Main attractions are the War Museum and the Zoo Parc, but the area is also perfect for outdoor activities.

Overloon is a very touristy village with various group accommodations, bungalow parks and bed & breakfasts to stay in. Perfect for a day, weekend or week away. Relax and enjoy the huge forests or take a refreshing dip in the Schaartven.

Because of Outdoor Overloon it is also possible to explore the region on a real retro-scooter. Possibly equipped with a filled picnic basket for a romantic pit stop on the way. Are you staying in a group accommodation? Then it is often possible to have a fun activity there!


Arrangements are also possible. Combine your activity with one of the options below for a fully catered (mid)day!

These are promotional prices which are only available through Outdoor Overloon.