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Klootschieten in Overloon

‘Klootschieten’ originated in the middle ages. Nowadays "klootschieten" is still a popular game for groups who want to do an activity which is easy in terms of difficulty and price. This makes 'klootschieten' a suitable activity for a day out with friends, family or colleagues.

What is 'klootschieten'?

You must try to throw the ball as far as possible beyond the finish line in as few throws as possible. The ball is a wooden ball with a diameter of 5 centimetres, three holes are filled with lead and therefore weighing half a kilo. You should therefore not be reckless and you should announce in advance when you are going to throw. Two teams judge each other and a route can take several kilometres.

Prices 'klootschieten'

The price for ‘klootschieten’ is € 5,- per person.

For this you receive: 
- 2 balls per group;
- A score sheet with pencil;
- Special rake for when the ball is in a ditch.

The balls and rake must be returned after the activity.

For each not returned ball € 20,- will be charged. 

Prices are exclusive of travel costs of 0.45 and inclusive of 21% VAT.

We have set out a beautiful route through the woods of Overloon for you. Click here.




All activities of Outdoor Overloon are possible in combination with the rent of an air castle for the kids. Only possible in combination with an activity.

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