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Workshop archery

Where the Indians used to chase the cowboys, archery nowadays is an appreciated sport. Moreover, archery is a fun activity on a weekend with friends, family or a sports team. Outdoor Overloon offers the archery workshop where the ability to concentrate and focus is very important.

Archery is a perfect activity, because it can be done at our Outdoor area. The activity is supervised by experienced guides, so no arrows will accidentally come your way.

Archery, very suitable to combine

At Outdoor Overloon we notice that archery is often combined with other group activities. This is because archery is quite intensive in terms of concentration. Therefore it is nice to relax afterwards and, for example, go 'klootschieten' or play bubble football. In between and afterwards you can enjoy one of our arrangements for a complete day out.

Prices Archery

2 shooting formations
Groups up to 14 persons

3 shooting formations
Groups up to 21 persons

4 shooting formations
Groups up to 28 persons

5 shooting formations
Groups up to / including 35 persons

The price per person is €15,- (minimum of 12 persons).

For this you get:
- We will building up and tearing down the targets and safety net;
- A workshop of 2 hours including guidance.

The price includes 21% VAT. Archery can only be done at the location of Outdoor Overloon.


Outdoor Overloon provides archery workshops in Overloon, Boxmeer, Vierlingsbeek, Venray and St. Anthonis. Please contact us if you have another location in mind.

All activities of Outdoor Overloon are possible in combination with the rental of an air castle for the little ones. Only possible in combination with an activity.



Arrangements are also possible. Combine your activity with one of the options below for a fully catered (mid)day!

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